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New Path, New Adventure

“I need a new blog from you,” Brad tells me before he heads out of town for a KC Chiefs game. “OK. No problem,” I respond. “Have a great trip.” No problem? Maybe I should unload the dishwasher before I get started. I think I’ll rearrange my bedroom. Hey, I need to get another photo album down from the loft and sort photos for scanning. Oh, I wanted to see that Christmas movie. Wow, it’s time for bed already? Day two – Ugh!  Here’s my attempt…


As I sit on this cold, rainy December morning, letting my thoughts wander, this is my view. I love it. I follow it with my eye as it curves and dips and winds its way into the trees and disappears. Then I picture it in my mind as the cozy tree-lined trail eventually opens to an enchanted forest setting that served as the backdrop to our youngest daughter’s wedding this October.

So many feels from the day. Thanks for asking; I will share a few of the highlights.  Jaclyn, our baby, becoming a wife, excuse me while I grab a tissue. Our whole family together in one place; three daughters, two sons-in-law, one son-in-law to-be, three grandchildren, one granddaughter to-be. Special shout out to the sons-in-law for the awesome daddy duty while the mommas were in matron of honor mode. Celebrating with new additions, Nick’s sweet family and friends whom we met for the first time and truly felt like we’d known forever. What a blessing!

Here we sit, six weeks post wedding, pretty much recovered from the four months of blood, sweat and tears—literally and figuratively—that we lovingly put into preparing a space for Jaclyn and Nick’s big day. But, somewhere early in the process we realized that we were creating something kind of special. We think, really special. Something that we could share and make available to other brides.

Hence, the “New Path, New Adventure.” A wedding venue.

Night-time Shot from Rey Wedding Reception at Black Twig Farms

I realized as I’ve struggled through this blog that the struggle comes from the fact that as we head out on this new path, it’s chock full of unknowns and I don’t do unknown well. Unlike Brad, my entrepreneur husband, who is all about starting new ventures from nothing, I have a hard time going into a new restaurant because I don’t know where the bathrooms are and I might have to ask for directions. 

But God…He has encouraged me over the past year to begin to embrace new things—to see life as an adventure. He tells me that He is ALWAYS with me. That I can do all things through Him, because He gives me the strength. He’s also reminded me that He’s created me with a love and desire to serve others. That I have a gift for organizing and administration. And He has blessed me with a partner in life that is fearless in the face of the unknown because he knows God has us. So here we go. I’ve put it in writing now. There is no going back. We’ll keep you posted on our new adventure!

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