Black Twig Farms

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About Black Twig Farms

Brad and Tracy Edmonson, founders of Black Twig Farms, both grew up in farming communities in the countryside of Kansas. After having a family and moving to Nashville, where Brad pursued an entrepreneurial career in the music and high-tech industries, they've returned to their first love. This move allows them to fulfill a 30-year dream of owning their own farm and providing a one of a kind outdoor wedding venue. Black Twig Farms is located a short drive just south of Nashville, TN.


“Here we sit, six weeks post wedding, pretty much recovered from the four months of blood, sweat and tears—literally and figuratively—that we lovingly put into preparing a space for Jaclyn and Nick’s big day. But, somewhere early in the process we realized that we were creating something kind of special. We think, really special. Something that we could share and make available to other brides.” - from Tracy’s Blog

About Our Name

Black Twig Apple trees got their start in 1833 as a seedling on Major Rankin Toole's Fayetteville, TN farm. Black Twig Apples soon became Andrew Jackson's favorite apple and their popularity exploded in the 20th century, especially throughout Virginia and North Carolina. Because of its both sweet and tart taste, it's ideal for ciders as well as desserts. Black Twig Apples don't ripen until October with their crisp flesh. However, they get better the longer they're kept. 

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